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The Pro Agent Group is located in Orlando, FL. The primary focuses of their real estate consulting and brokerage are residential homes and lots for sale in the greater Orlando area (Orlando Homes) and Winter Garden (Winter Garden Homes), and vacation homes for sale in the Disney World area in Kissimmee, Reunion, ChampionsGate and Davenport (Vacation Homes). (Click on the links above, and you will find all of the tools you will need to MAXimize your dollars and time as you search for and purchase the home that is perfect for your needs.)

W Keith Courtney - Owner of The Pro Agent Group

"Hello. I'm Keith Courtney - the owner of The Pro Agent Group. Thank you for visiting our website.
Just a little information about me - I moved to Orlando with my family in 1991. It was then that I began my career in real estate. I have been involved in all aspects of real estate - from real estate brokerage to land development of high end residential property.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments - 407-538-1200 or keith@proagentgroup.com.

 14 REASONS Home Buyers Use The Pro Agent Group

  1. We will assist you with finding the best lender to meet your needs. The savings can be significant. An example:  A 1/4% savings on a mortgage loan's interest rate can save over $20,000 on a $400,000 loan over the term of a 30 year loan.

  2. We will calculate your total cash requirement when buying a home including your loan deposit and closing costs. The closing costs can be significant - thousands of dollars. You need to be aware of this total for budgeting purposes.

  3. When you buy a home, you, of course, want to buy a home that most perfectly matches your needs within your budget. You also will want to buy one that will be easy to resell.  We can help you with this.

  4. You should do your own searches for your new home. We will also search for it too. Often times we will find your "perfect" home at a lower price.

  5. Before you buy a home in a neighborhood with a homeowners association, you need to review the covenants and restrictions of the HOA to make sure that there are no objectionable restrictions.  We assist with this.

  6. We will write the contract and assist you with the negotiation of the purchase of your new home (We are excellent negotiators!). We will include contingencies (i.e.- financing and home inspection contingencies) in the contract to give you "outs". If you are buying a custom built home, we will make sure you are aware of all costs - the base price of the home plus all upgrades before signing a contract.

  7. In almost all cases you should have a home inspection done on the home you are buying. If there are any defects requiring repairs, they will be revealed.  Hopefully, the seller will pay for the repairs. We have excellent home inspector contacts from which you can choose.

  8. Your lender will require homeowner's insurance and will choose a policy for you and have you pay for it at the closing. We will suggest that you choose your own insurance company from a list we have.  They almost always will save you money.

  9. We will make sure the ALTA (HUD) is correct showing all of your closing costs and the "cash" that you have to bring to the closing table (An ALTA can be very confusing to understand.).

  10. We will accompany you on the final walk-thru of your new home and to the closing making sure all goes smoothly.

  11. All advice we give you will be focused toward one goal: Maximize your investment in your new home.

  12. We are honest. We will have one mindset when working with you - help you maximize your purchase dollars. The advice we give you will be for YOUR benefit - never ours.

  13. We are professionals. We will always be courteous to you and always conscientious regarding your needs.

  14. All of the above will be FREE for you. Our fees will be paid by the seller.

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Professionalism & Integrity

Address.png Address:  W. Keith Courtney
Real Estate Consulting & Brokerage
(William Keith Courtney Sr LLC 
La Rosa Realty, LLC - Broker)
The Pro Agent Group
9100 Hubbard Place

Orlando, FL  32819
Phone.png Office: (800) 829-1663
Phone.png Cell/Text: (407) 538-1200
Email.png Email: Keith@ProAgentGroup.com

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